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Can I stay home, PLEASE

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Sigh... I would really like to stay home, but it just isn't working out this week.

Monday- 1pm appointment with my father at the pulmonologist.


Tuesday- have to be at the ER outpatient at 7:45 to get his IVP, then a 1pm appointment with the urologist to have a scope and discuss results from all of the tests.


Wednesday afternoon is piano, and I will probably to to Walmart during that. I don't want to cancel as their teacher is having eye surgery and we won't have it for 2 to 3 weeks and they are getting ready for competitions in March and April.


Thursday afternoon- violin for youngest. At least this day I will only be gone for 45 minutes.


Friday morning- 8:15 A conference with the eye doctor to see what kind of vision problems my daughter has and what therapy he would recommend (she had 2 days of testing). It is with my hubby and finding a hole in his schedule where he didn't have surgery or clinic was a miracle, so no changing this one either. I normally make doctor appointments in the afternoon but since this conference needed to be with my husband I had to do it according to his schedule.


Saturday- I collapse. On Monday the kids will just stay alone and work. Tuesday I'm taking them to a friend's for the day to do their schoolwork. (She homeschools as well.) The boys always stay home on Thursdays anyway. And they will stay home on Friday as well. (I should be home by 9:15 that morning as the appointment is in our town.



Probably won't be the best week of schoolwork, but we'll see. I'm curious to see what the pulmonologist says. His breathing has gotten so bad. It was easy in the early days to homeschool in hospital rooms as I was doing Sonlight and reading, reading, reading. But now they are older and my oldest needs concentration to do his TT Algebra II and Biology. We also do TOG, which they do independently pretty much (conference on what to do Monday and our discussion time on Fridays) but it doesn't work to drag all their books, worksheets, maps, timeline books, etc. It is just easier for them to do the work at home. Plus they have programs on the computer (TT& and an Alice program.) I WANT TO STAY HOME. How are you supposed to get school done with a junior high taking high school work, a junior higher and a 1st grader who isn't reading well.. Sigh





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I hear you. I had two weeks off at the holidays, and it was so pleasant to just work on mom stuff at home. My daughter loved the slower pace.

I remember clearly, tho, that my son once commented that I was never home. I think it's all in the perception. But boy, I do like getting things done at home, a slow pace, and getting to choose what I do with my time. I think that's the rub for me--I don't mind going out when it's somewhere I want to be, doing fun stuff, or stuff that will make my life easier.

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