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Sharing photos online?

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We have had a significant number of requests that we share the photos from our upcoming trip while we're away.

During our last vacation, I set up a blog that folks could view and we loaded images to it each evening.

I could do the same thing this time, but I'd like to share more than just a few photos each night (my husband shoots hundreds every day) and I wonder if there is a better way.

What about a flicker account, or something similar? Are those easy to set up, load a bunch of pictures onto, and manage in a short amount of time?

Are there other options?

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You can make your own personal 'site'. Download your photos to shutterfly (www.shutterfly.com) and then you can drag them over to a "share site". There you can add captions, organize and write away. You get your own FREE url too...cool!


I made one in just a few minutes about my trip to Uganda this past summer www.ugandaccc2008.shutterfly.com I'm in photo #2015 under the children's home pictures.


I really mean that it was set up in just a few minutes (less than 30). If you created the site before you left then all you would do is upload new photos when you can and/or add comments. I had my photos organized by topic on my home computer--then I uploaded them to shutterfly and copied the files to the share site--but you can organize them on shutterfly too.


Have Fun!

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