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new, free Mac-compatible homeschool planning software

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Hi everyone, my name is Kevin Farner and I created MyHomeSchoolPlan.com. Thanks to all of you who tried it out. I hope it helps you stay organized and spend more time on the fun stuff and not the administrative stuff. My wife and I homeschool our 3 kids and built this application to help us and others like us that want the tracking stuff to be quick and easy.


We did have some downtime over the last week and still get an occasional spike. It is in part because the response has been much higher than we thought, and in part because we are need to move to a better web hosting platform (which we are doing.)


We just added an attendance report today, and will continue to add features that are valuable to you all as we go. If you've tried it out and have an idea, please click on the suggestions link on the site (when logged in) and give us your ideas.


And to the person who asked for more examples, you are right, we didn't spend much time on that side of it beyond the tour link. We will do so before our formal launch, but we haven't done so yet while in Beta. I'll see about putting some more screen shots with examples on our blog too, and hopefully that will give you a better idea. :001_smile:


Thanks again for giving us a try :)

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This looks great, Rose! Thank you for posting it - and please forgive my belated reply. I asked dh if he could whip something up for me, because he's really good at making databases and such, and he asked me if I'd done an online search. I had, and I found PER at Home School Inc, but it's giving me a LOT of trouble and if you want tech support you have to pay $50 per year. I would do that, but I can't even get into the silly thing to know if I want to pay for the support! :glare:


This looks REALLY easy and I'm looking forward to working with it this weekend. You find the best stuff!

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