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New info on CPSIA

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Still doesn't speak to small WAH's/home based, curriculum, or those that gather supplies (typically not initially made for children) to make kits for learning.


This quote gives me hope (italics mine):

I believe yesterday's preliminary guidance by the CPSC was an attempt to clarify that its primary focus will be to ensure major manufacturers and retailers are in compliance with the tougher lead and testing standards.
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They make it sound like they never said that used material were never expected to meet these specifications and that's just not true. They DID say that. They are now backpedalling, but they did say this.


Even now, they are saying that secondhand stores are not expected to test items, but they can still be fined if they do sell something with lead.


I honestly believe at this point that things will be cleared up to everyone's satisifaction (as long as people don't back down), but it makes me angry for them to imply that it was all just a big misunderstanding.

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