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HELP! Computer problems!

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I downloaded a zipped file and had trouble extracting it. Somehow, in my desperation to open the file, I tried opening it with adobe (it's an adobe reader file). But it's still zipped, adobe can't read the incomplete file, and ALL my files ending with .zip are now to be automatically openned with adobe. I can't extract any of them. How do I convince the computer to remove adobe as the recommended program? Or how do I extract my files? It's no longer showing up as an option. My operating system is Vista.


Thank you

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Thanks MyCrazyHouse!


While Vista wouldn't let me disassociate the file type from the program, you gave me enough information to find an answer on google. (I hadn't realized that I needed to disassociate the file type.) Someone created a program to solve the problem. My computer is fixed and I accessed the files! Thank you. :party:

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