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cross-post LOF finished with decimals and percentages...What for pre-Algebra...With.

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She's 10:-)


I've read all the threads for a few months, and I'm still trying to decide what to do between now (when she's almost done with the Decimals and Percentages) and when we do Pre Algebra.


One of my questions is: What are the requirements for being able to start Pre-Algebra? (Wouldn't mind having some games to play to help....) Is there a scope-and-sequence that I should have for what you need to be able to do?? I mean, if you pass the LOF Decimals/Percentages test, then you go on??


I've been looking for a math program that we can either do together, or one that she can read and do by herself. (I don't want TT) I want a math that will teach/ explain the theory of math as she's doing it.


I really would prefer something that's not a DVD, but wouldn't hold that against a program, if it's the best.


She's only 10, so I'm fine with doing something from now - September that is "just getting ready" for Pre-Algebra. (Hoping for Pre-Algebra for 6th, Algebra for 7th, Algebra for 8th, Geometry for 9th, Pre-Calculus for 10th, and then??? after that for the last two years. Will depend on her desires and how she sticks to my time table.)




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According the the LOF author, LOF Fractions and Decimals/Percents is Pre-algebra, and after those two you're ready for LOF Beginning Algebra.


But I'm in similar shoes - my dds did Fractions last summer, and will be doing D/P over this summer, when they'll just be turning 11, and I'm not sure I want to rush them right into Algebra. They'll have also completed Singapore 5A/B.


I was thinking just 6A/B next year, but now I'm waffling between that and Singapore's Discovering Mathematics 1A/B, which looks like it covers a lot of the same material but also includes much more pre-Algebra - like negative numbers, coordinate graphing, and simple linear equations, which 6A/B doesn't. I'm assuming since it's Singapore it'll still have great word problems, and I think I may add CWP6 either way. Then I'll have them start Algebra in 7th.


Discovering Mathematics is supposed to be for grade 7, like NEM1. But the layout is much more similar to Primary Math - it seems much more approachable to me. Anyway, I have both Primary 6A/B and DM 1A/B in the mail...

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You asked for recommendations for math games. You might take a look at Equate - The Equation Thinking Game. It's a game that can grow with your child as it offers an Advanced Tile Set.


And, if you have younger children, there is Equate Junior Tile Set. The advanced and junior set are add ons; it's necessary to have the original game.


It's a math game that is reminiscent of Scrabble. It definitely is a game that makes you think!




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