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I have another moving question: Pets

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We have a cat and dog. DH thinks I should just ship them, but that means $$$. But do I dare go several days in transit with 4 kids, a cat who is indoor/outdoor and *won't* use a litter box and a 65lb dog? The dog has gone on 4-5 hour trips with us before and it's slightly difficult, but not impossible. However I won't have DH to help. I shouldn't have to stay at any hotels - family in all the right places!



We also have a toad, but she is no problem. :D

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Do you have room for a dog crate? I think the dogs should be fine with a dog crate, how much is it to ship the cat? I'd also want to keep it indoors for awhile after I moved, though, to get it use to the new place. Even though it's never gone in a litter box before, I'd put one in the garage or something to see if I could kind of force it to....When we moved from Tx, I had to get my cat some hairball meds to make it go, and locked it in the bathroom of the hotel we stayed at...it finally went. (I put a leash on the cat at rest stops, kinda funny since she would just slink when she crawled...)

Good Luck!


PS. Is your dog good at walking? I'd get a pinch collar and have someone teach me how to use it. It worked on my 65lb dog...and the 2 or 3 other dogs I've tried it on...right away. You don't just have them pull you, I really just had to pop it a couple of times. It would make letting the dog out, much easier. If you want it to get some exercise, you can get lead leashes that are 30ft long? for pretty cheap at many places. I think I bought mine at the hunting section of Joe's.

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At the time, we took a cat in a crate. Dog loose in car. Cat was given drugs to calm him. Didnt work. Crated to calm him. Really didnt work! So we let him loose and he road from the West Coast to the East Coast, sometimes beside the dog, sometimes under a seat. Took them both out at rest stops, both on leashes (a body leash for the cat) and stayed at pet friendly hotels. When we arrived in new city, boarded them till we found a home. While we waited for move in day, we finally brought the animals to the long term hotel with us. It took the dog a long time to be happy in the car again, she must have thought any trip might taker her away from us again.


We did leave 3 of our 4 children in various places until we got settled in new city, though. Left the oldest back in CA in school until we could transfer her to her new school, the 2 middle kids with grandparents until we were done looking for a house and in "wait" mode, and the youngest traveled with us.


Now we have another larger dog and a parrot. Dont know what we will do if we move again...probably somehting similar.

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We went from ME to AR with 10 kids, 2 cats and a dog(yellow lab) and I lived to talk about it. Sort of. :D


We did stay in a hotel 2 nights and didn't have any trouble. I think it was at Super 8s? On the road we would stop and the kids would walk all the animals, yes, even the cats LOL. Of course the cats had performance anxiety, but we managed.

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