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I love this book and the activity guide as well. We do history together as a family (13,10,9, and 7).


Famous People:

~Charles V

~Philip II and Conquistadors

~William the Silent

~Mary, Queen of Scots and her cousin Queen Elizabeth of England

~King James and Guy Fawkes

~John Smith and Pocahontas

~Samuel de Champlain

~Henry Hudson

~Hideyoshi of Japan

~William Bradford and Pilgrims

~Peter Stuyvesant and Dutch

~Queen Nzinga

~Sultan Murad of Ottoman Turks

~Shah Jahan of India

~King Charles and Oliver Cromwell



~Thirty Years' War

~Isolation of Japan

~London Plague and Fire


We are only 1/3 through the book! I have learned much more history this year than EVER in my school years.

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and the glossary, and decide what is most important to you. If I were purchasing books to go along with SOTW, I would purchase biographies about people who are important in American history.


I don't think American history is more important than the history of the rest of the world; in fact, one of the things I like about SOTW is that it covers world history, rather than focusing exclusively on American history, but I plan to spend more time reading to my dc about memorable Americans than some of the other figures covered in SOTW 3.


In addition to historical figures, you might also consider books about famous composers, artists and scientists of this period. You will find them listed in the AG.

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We just finished this. I used all of the Sonlight Core 3 readers and read alouds, and I also bought BiblioPlan. BiblioPlan is cheap, and I was pleased with the recommended books. The only two I did not care for (and I used just about all of the lower and upper grammar books) were 'In Search of Honor' (this is a great book, but way too gory for a child under about 15 or so) and 'Bold Journey West with Lewis and Clark' (this book had some gore, and I did not like the made up personalities the author put with historical people that portrayed them in an unfavorable light).


So I just bought BiblioPlan again for Vol 4 and I will use most of the Sonlight Core 4 readers and read alouds also. The Sonlight readers are below level for my kids, but they are a quick and fun way for them to learn. The on level books come from BiblioPlan or from reading the Sonlight Read Alouds themselves.





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