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What online resource is there for preparing for standardized testing?


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We are getting ready to do the 3rd grade California Achievement Test (CAT), Fifth Edition-Complete Battery. My daughter is behind in some areas, especially math, and I want to see what kind of questions are covered on the test to prepare her. Could anyone please share an online resource that I can use to get her ready?


Thanks sooooo much if you can let me know!


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I have used the CAT for testing my ds and we have never done any test prep whatsoever.


For science we did a lot of reading, with a few experiments here and there.

For history we had only done SOTW.

I had never heard of Social Studies, and wasn't exactly sure what to expect.

My son aced the science and social studies sections.

Math reflected his abilities,

spelling showed that he is a lousy spelling, which he is,

reading showed that he is way above grade level, which he is certainly well above what PS would be giving him to read - but I am sure is pretty similar to what most here are giving their avid readers to read.

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I would just suggest regular math review for the CAT if you really want something. There isnt much to prepare for with that test. I think the questions are just general....such as multiplication, addition, sub, money maybe? Maybe you could practice some timed math? I think that was what my dd had the most issues with...each section is timed.

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