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Any Katie McAlister fans?

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Ok, I'll admit it. I read some of her books. Not the paranormal ones because there is bad stuff in there but I do read other paranormal ones. Yes, I like books about nice Vampires and Warewolves trying to live "normal" lives like us. I don't read books that include obvious evil or deamons. Here are some authors:


Christina Dodd--has one book out along these lines so far but too scary for me.


Chritine Feehan--She has 3 series. 1. Vampires, 2. Genetically tampered military men and women with psychic powers, 3. a family of women who have powers of "witchcraft" These are all fairly tame and good although the latest in the vampire series is a bit scary and I haven't gotten past the first few pages.


Hannah Howell--mainly writes highlander romance but has a few out with vampires.


Sherrilyn Kenyon--The best! Her darkhunter series about vampire hunters that mixes in Greek mythology is great. Start at the beginning and work your way through all the books.


Susan Krinard--the first to write warewolf romance. The older books are good. The new ones are edgier.


Shelly Laurenston--funny, funny, funny.


Karen Marie Moning--loved her earlier books but the last few are just too dark and scary.


Patricia Rice--a whole series about magic that is delightful.


Lyndsay Sands--Great vampire books with an Atlantis connection.


Susan Sizemore


Kerrelyn Sparks


Michelle Bardsley


Erin McCarthy--funny books


That is my list right now. I actually read all types of romance: Contemporary, historical, regency, western, science fiction, comic book (yes there are a few series out there about superheroes). Hope this helps her find something to read.:001_smile:

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These look like bodice rippers, but for the paranormal set? If so I have heard Gena Showalter's bks are good. I know of some good YA ones (Wicked Lovely & Ink Exchange, Holly Black's Tithe, Ironside, & Valiant, A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcome, and Kelly Armstrong's Summoning). I have not yet ventured back out into the world of adult romance (regular or paranormal) since college. Oh and I too love Garth Nix's Abhorsen Trilogy! Very much worth the read.


Maybe I will add a paranormal romance section to my 999 list... :lol:

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