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Dumb pizza crust question.

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Leaving the edges thick hasn't been necessary for me. What makes it thick is letting it have 20 minutes or so to rise in a warm place after rolling it out. The crust under my toppings doesn't get really thick, but it's not like crispy thin pizza and the crust edges are really thick. My family really likes it, and we're a pan Pizza Hut pizza lov'n family. HTH Jacqui

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After rolling it out very thin on the pan we put it into a warm oven for a while until it rose nice and high and then we cooked it for a while so it wouldn't be gooey in the middle and then we put the toppings on and cooked it again to melt the cheese etc. We did prick the dough with a fork before letting it rise.


We just prepare a whole wheat/ half white flour bread recipe in our bread machine and then we set it on dough cycle. It was fabulous.

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