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Mammogram and the Results

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I got one of those scary letters on the 24th of December(yep! Christmas Eve. It really made my day) saying that further tests ( more mammogram screening and if warranted an ultrasound) were needed because they found a mass. That was it. I couldn't call back that day or the next because they were closed, so I had a really 'fun' Christmas worrying myself sick about what 'the mass ' was and had all these thought racing through my head. I called them on the 26th to sechedule an appointment (hopefully for the Monday before I drove myself and my dh crazy with worry) but of course I couldn't get one until today.


I knew then that I had a choice, drive myself sick with worry about what it could be, make dh and the kids miserable for the next 2 weeks or just hold on to my faith and leave it all in God's hands. So I did just that. I drank a lot more wine and Mike's than usual because nights were the worst and I couldn't fall asleep even with Calm Forte, chamomile, Natural Calm and everything else that I drank.


We started school on Monday. Of course I wasn't as prepared as I should have been and was distracted more than usual but today finally came and I went for the appointment. Did the mammogram, waited a while, then they came to tell that an ultrasound was warranted. Did the ultrasound, then the technician says that the doctor was going to come in to talk to me, and to just lay there and not to get dressed. She went out and by then I was trying not to panic. Fourteen minutes later just as I was deciding to get dressed and go get dh from the waiting room, the doctor comes in. Fluid-filled cysts, see you in a year's time.


I didn't know if I should burst into tears or just laugh and hug her. One thing I do know is that I would never again do a mammogram in December, it will be January from now on.:tongue_smilie:

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I am not sure...I probably would have punched her for making me wait 14 minutes after the ultrasound AND sending me a letter about a mass on Christmas Eve!


Thank God everything is okay.


At the very least, pinched her arm really hard.



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That happened to me 2 yrs ago...add a biopsy in January because my sister-in-law couldn't reschedule our family party in Michigan for another date. Talk about a bummer holiday...but I didn't tell my kids because I didn't want them to worry. Everything was okay...some kind of pellet things...calcifications.

Better safe than sorry I guess.

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Last year was my first mammogram, and I got a letter also. Mine said my Dr. would be calling me & we needed to reschedule for further tests. They were pretty reassuring when I called them, said this was very normal, since it was my first, they had nothing to compare it to, etc... So I had it redone, they said I needed an ultrasound that day, but I had to wait an hour before they did it. So, I spent that entire hour praying, telling God I didn't want my kids to grow up without a mom, but it was in His hands.:sad: Anyway, mine was fine also. Glad you're okay.

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Been there, done that as well, Elm in NJ - and now I get mine in Jan, too! (Next Fri, in fact). I had my first one last Dec and got the scary letter. Pushed and was able to get back in for a repeat mammo a few days later...and all was fine. They also told me that the new kinds of mammos are so much more detailed that they end up sending the scary letter out more often than they used to, simply because these new digital ones are so much more advanced. Also, since it was my first, there was nothing to compare it to.


Still, I'm praying that no follow-ups are needed next week! I'm glad everything turned out well for you.

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