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Considering Foersters & Jacobs for Algebra: Now which edition?

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Seems like the best way to choose a text is to see it. Okay, so I figure I'll either ask around to borrow one or just go ahead and buy the text to see. (Then I guess I go back to get the TE later? ) So, for these books (Foerster's and Jacob's Algebra 1 texts) does it matter which edition I get? If I go the route of buying them just to see them I should probably get the edition I will want to actually use. {I do notice that I can save lots of $$ if I buy used so I might just do that... we did that with Lial's BCM and it worked out great!}


I noticed the Foersters has a 'classic' edition from 2006 and a 3rd edition from 1994 ... I can see the price difference :D, but are there bigger differences to note? Also, I might consider the Home Study Companion DVD -- if so then does the text edition matter?


TIA!! :bigear:

--Kathie in VA

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I did just exactly what you are talking about. I ordered both and sat down with them side by side to decide which one to use. We went with Jacobs because it is more kid friendly in my opinion. It has nice cartoons and funny word problems. Actually, Foerster and Jacobs are almost identical in approach....some examples and word problems are almost word for word. I think Jacobs works great because you can use his Geometry next and they go together so well.


Happy hunting

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