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Carpet cleaners...anyone know of a good one?

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I need a carpet cleaner.

I love that resolve dry carpet cleaning stuff, but can't afford it to do the whole house every few months or so.

My arms couldn't take it either!!!


Any suggestions?


I just bought this one: Hoover F7428900 SteamVac Dual V WidePath and we love it! We have light sand-colored carpets that hadn't been cleaned since we moved in. After 2 years of 6 kids and an incontinent dog, they looked and smelled nasty. I didn't want to put the baby down on them, even on a blanket. My 18yo daughter attacked them as soon as our steamvac arrived and they look BRAND NEW. Honestly. I couldn't believe it. I found that using the Hoover premium cleaning solution was the way to go for heavily soiled carpets like ours. It's kind of pricey, but if you have prime, you can take advantage of the buy 4-for-3 option with free shipping and no tax. The regular cleaner worked well too, but only on normally dirty carpets.



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Guest janainaz

White vinegar. I have cleaned up tomato soup and blueberry smoothies from my carpet with vinegar. It works great.


I don't use any "cleaners". All of the ones I have tried leave some sort of soap residue for dirt to re-stick to. I use vinegar in my carpet cleaner (to go over ALL of them) and I also spot clean a couple times a month and my carpet stays clean all the time.


Yes, it smells for a few hours. I open the doors and windows and air it out.

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