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DD 15 is doing SAT writing practice...(cc)

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Hello everyone. My daughter is doing (in SL) some SAT prep writing practice, and I need some suggestions. Her writing is clear, concise, she stayed on topic, and the paper is certainly a worthy effort. It is, however, laced with her personal religious beliefs. I am proud of her that she can make such a good case for her personal faith, but as far as the SAT goes, should I advise her to steer clear of anything 'religious'? I feel like a hypocrite doing that, but she is waiting for my critique and I want to be fair, loving, but honest. How should I handle this assignment? Many thanks~


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You should get a book that gives examples of the SAT essay questions. Your dd should know that a good essay will have several examples (to back up the points she's making) in it - preferably one from literature, one from history, and a personal one. The personal example could certainly be religious, but without the literary/historical examples she'll probably not score as well. It's certainly worth reading up on how the essays are scored.



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