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Does anyone have a 16yo dd that hasn't starting shaving their legs yet?...

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My oldest is only almost 10 and so far our plan is to not shave. I know this all my change with puberty. However, I don't shave and haven't for years and my legs are almost hairless. Over time it wears off and is hardly visible. I know that once you start you can't really stop and the hair just sort of goes crazy. I wish I had never started and I tell her this all the time. So far she is on board with this...we will see though.

Honestly though, most people do not know or would never guess that I don't shave. The hair has just worn off and doesn't grow back.

Just my own experience...and shaving is a pain in the ****, in my opinion.



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My daughter shaved when she was young, about 11? but wasn't much interested after awhile. She shaves very rarely (like twice a year?) as a teenager, often using a product like Nair rather than a razor. I "make" her do it for the Memorial of Christ's death. Other than that, it's her business. LOL I kinda WISH she'd shave, but I figure it's not really my business. She's 16 and perfectly capable of making those kind of choices herself.


BTW, I shave about that much also. I have no interest in doing it and you can't tell on me anyway. It's not thick or dark or whatever.

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I think that's an old wives tale. If it were true, men would shave their heads hoping it would grow back thicker, wouldn't they? ;)


I think it might appear that way- sun fades hair, the new hair has not yet seen the sun. It may look coarser due to the blunt end- normally hair does not have a flat end, so that feels different growing in than uncut hair. (Hair growth after waxing or Nair-ing does not have the same feel, because the hair was removed.)


My 15-yo dd shaves her legs every now and then. She started at about 12. I don't care one way or another, I think it's a personal choice.

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about shaving from my mom-she told me not to shave the tops of my legs (thighs). I had fairly light hair (not blonde), so I did as she said. To this day I have not shaved my thighs! Therefore I have always had very fine and light texture hair there, and cut my shaving time in half all my life! Then I got a couple hormonally induced very dark hairs on the backs of my thighs and I tried to shave them off. All the hair in the areas I did this grew back coarse and dark!!! Now I have to always shave that part. I will definitely advise dd to not shave the thighs if the hair is light enough!


Maybe that is TMI but I've always been SOOO grateful to my mom for that tip!


ETA: I just read the person's response about it NOT growing back thicker or darker, and I can testify that it definitely DOES! At least with me it was very clear cut that it came back that way.

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She is not terribly regular about it, and the only time I tell her to do it is if she has to wear a dress that will stick to her legs otherwise--maybe once or twice a year. I do bug her about those pits, though. Very dark hair, very light skin--not so great.


I switched from shaving to waxing for myself last year, and I really like it.


It's not that shaving makes your hair coarser; it just gives a sharp point to the top of it that makes it grow in feeling sharp, scratchy, and static cling-inducing. The waxed hair, by contrast, grows in with more 'natural' feeling ends, and if I put lotion on my legs, no skirts stick to them even once the hair starts growing out.

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My 16yo dd does not shave her legs. She is fine with it. I think it's rather odd, but that is just 'my' feelings from what was considered cool when I was growing up. Personally, I don't feel clean from the shower if I haven't shaved my legs, but....dd is a different person and since it doesn't bother her, I don't give her a hard time about it.


She does shave her pits, but she only wears make-up once or twice a year and never does more to her hair than air-dry and possibly a head band or pony tail.


She is a less-is-more type of gal. Au Naturale?

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