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Does anyone have a child with classic autism?

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I need to talk about dd's diagnosis with the teachers of her outsourced classes. In the past, they have not taken my concerns very seriously because Dd usually has more of her work done and answers more questions correctly than any of the other students in her classes.


In addition to autism, her testing showed a learning disability in math and spelling as well as a processing speed in the 2nd percentile. I would like to give her teachers a list of suggested appropriate modifications.


For example, I would like her to be allowed to be allowed to do group projects alone since the social aspect of working together would be overwhelming for her.


I'd like her to be able to use a calculator since her understanding of math concepts is on grade level, but her computation skills are on a first grade level.


I don't know what kind of modifications might be appropriate for such a slow processing speed.


Can anyone help me come up with further suggestions for her teachers? They all love her, and want to help.


I was also wondering if anyone had a child on SS disability. I have read that it is best to put her money in a "special needs savings account" because if she has less than $2,000 in her name she would qualify for SS at 18. This might be important to ensure that she always has health insurance.


As you can imagine, I'm still pretty overwhelmed processing all of this new information, and trying to plan for the future.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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It sounds as though you have a great relationship with school & teachers -- that is such a good thing. Since you have a number of suggestions, you might want to ask for an IEP meeting -- not for confrontation, just to discuss. You can do that verbally, before sending your official request, so that school will not feel threatened. One book that I like is Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy. I have an advocate come to my IEP meetings -- she often asks for things that I would not think of and also lets me know what is a reasonable vs over the top request. I would not just give the teachers a list of modifications -- first, it could be perceived as insulting, and secondly, they are legally free to ignore it completely. In a meeting, everyone can talk -- for example, some AS kids can be overwhelmed by noise as well as social aspects of group works. Sometimes ear plugs at certain times can help -- not necessarily for your dd, but just as an example of how everybody at a meeting can have good suggestions. Plus your meeting becomes part of the legal record.


A special needs account will help in getting Medicaid later, but remember that Medicaid is considered a loan -- so that if you dd gets $$ from other sources, she may have to repay medicaid. At least this is what an attorney said at a meeting I went to -- I am not a legal expert by any means. Other thought -- registering your dd with your state's dept of developmental disabilities. There can be some financial help, and it may be necessary if you are looking at special housing for your adult dd, should the need arise.


ETA I just checked my blog bookmarks -- I remember loving the pix of all your goats!

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That is very helpful. She is actually homeschooled, but takes classes for homeschoolers at a local church.


Thanks for remembering about the goats.


My Dd actually wants to start a raw milk dairy. We have been looking into what it would cost to get her set up, and so far, it all seems very reasonable. I'm not sure how to set up the money side of it so that she can be best provided for.

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Oh, I didn't realize you hs'ed all your dcs. My experience in non ps environments -- for what it's worth - is that some people "get" it. They sit your dc at the front - or back - of a group, whatever works. They ask for suggestions and think of their own ideas. Others - perfectly nice people - just don't get it. They don't realize how much teaching is about getting to where the child is. I try to focus on the teachers/adults who understand and avoid the people who feel that your dc is a burden -- although It doesn't sound as though you have anyone like that. My opinion is that if you have a list - verbal or written - you also need to solicit the same from your dd's teachers -- what works or doesn't work in that particular class.


The dairy idea sounds neat! BTW, I have relatives in Houston, and they avoid the ps there too. Their church (a Catholic one) has a big hs program.

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My brother is severely autistic, I daycared an autistic boy years ago, one of our daughters had speech problems.


One thing I can say, in speaking to the special ed teachers of the boy I took care of, I kept saying "isnt he autistic?? Tell his parents, they need to know what they are dealing with!" But the teachers would say they no longer wish to "label" kids, they do not tell the parents much along that line. So in the end, I taught the child to feed himself, get dressed, drink from a cup, EAT something other than baby food....through persistence. Day in and day out, over and over. Autistic kids get into ruts, like things to stay the same, tend to resist new things.


Since you homeschool, sounds like you can help your child by starting slow in the areas of need, and repeat, repeat, repeat. Be gentle but firm, invite him to do new things and stop when needed.


My brother never went to school, he did go to special classes that helped him to communicate, he also held a job (a mindless repitition job). But his situation is way beyond the usual.

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