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Moms with 5 or more littles - what are your survival strageties for running errands

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5 littles here ages nine to 19 months. Am contemplating an expeditition to the library today. Our last visit required a ladder and help from the maintenance guy to extract 3 yo ds from the top of the ceiling high bookshelves. :eek:


Just hoping to pick up a few new strageties.

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LOL, we went to the library yesterday and I ended up having to stand on a chair to fix a top shelf that was about to fall down. My kids were behaving relatively well, but one of my dd's was trying to put a stuffed animal back and caused the shelving to come undone. Whew! A near catastrophe!


Sometimes when we're having issues with people not behaving appropriately in places or situations, we'll do training sessions at home first. For instance, my kids were getting too loud whenever I got on the phone, so we did "Mom's On The Phone" practice. Whenever I hold up the phone, everyone has to freeze and be completely quiet. It works great!


I've also been known to resort to bribery, but that seems to just delay the problem instead of fixing it.


Hang in there!

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Get online, reserve your books ahead of time...and just go by the front desk to pick-up. I only have 2 children to take with me....and I'd rather wait till my husband comes home!


On the serious side, I use to take 4 children places when I was 17...and rules...repeating before you get out. "I stay with Mommy (or Carrie, for me), I put my hands in my pockets, I don't touch until I ask, If I don't obey, I don't get to.....for the rest of the day etc..." And, if they aren't behaved...have your husband go back and practice with them. You be the one going...he's shadowing to "teach/train" them how to act for Mama.:-)

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