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Another blogger question

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Thanks to those who helped yesterday. I am still playing and now I have more questions.:D


Several people have links on their pages to Amazon books with the front of the books and price etc. How do you do that? I would like to use that function since I am using the blog primarily for my comments on reading.

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I have an Amazon link, though I don't have the book covers because I use Library Thing.


If you look at my blog, you can see my Amazon widget. You must first sign up at Amazon as an Associate. Then they will give you html code that you insert as a new gadget into your blog. Anyone using it will help your account.


You can pick different types of widgets to post at your blog so I think you will find the one you want there. I personally like to keep up with all my books I own and reading list at Library Thing. You can get a free account there too and post a widget. I personally have a lifetime account but that is just because I got a Cue Cat scanner and put all my books in the inventory.

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Thank you! That's not quite what I am looking for though. I use Shelfari for what I am reading. What I am thinking about is what Jessica has on her blog when she shows curriculum. Does that make sense? ETA to add a link to an entry that shows what I mean


Oh and I clicked through your Amazon thingy because you have been so incredibly helpful!:001_smile:

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