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Need electric razor Recc: DS 13 is starting to look like the pink panther above lip

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He is starting to have that little shadowy line of hair and I keep envisioning him saying..."I want to buy a Hamburger"..:) (see Pink Panther - the Movie:)


Ahhhh - they do grow tooo fast!!:001_wub:


Any suggestions for a good brand of electric razor would be appreciated.


Lacy :)

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we just felt that it was better for him to start off with something like that at first and then move to the razor thing later.


Also, dh says it has been his experience that once you start shaving with a real razor, you can never go back to electric and get a really good shave. However, he also has a cleft in his chin (think... Kurt Douglas) and it would be very difficult for him to get to that spot.


Thank you ladies :)

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