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Weird Headache...TMJ??

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I think it had something to do with my TMJ - my jaw has been sore and I have been clinching a lot lately. Today I ate some hard chocolate candy (thick stuff, hard to bite into) and that may have hurt too.


Anyway, I was cooking dinner and had this odd headache attack me. It first was a dull ache around the back of my head where my neck connects to my head. Then it went into the top of my head like where a headband would sit and finally it was down near my ears and behind my ears and in my temples. It kept moving around and was never a crushing pain or anything...just weird and more of an ache or pressure type thing.


I, of course, being the hypochondriac that I am, freaked out and thought I was having an aneurysm (:glare:) but I seem to have recovered now. Obviously if it had been an aneurysm, it would have just gotten worse and worse (from the slow leakage of blood into the brain) so I am no longer concerned about that. I just don't know what to make of the weirdness of the headache. It was like it traveled around my head. :confused:


Anyone experience anything like this....especially if you suffer from TMJ?

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I have no insight regarding the headache, but I was wondering if you have a physician and/or therapist who is treating the self-reported hypochondria? Getting treatment like cognitive behavior therapy and/or antidepressants could possibly reduce your anxiety about your health.

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