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Mystery party games--suggestions please?

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My dd would like to do a mystery party game. I googled and was downright overwhelmed with the possibilities.


Has anyone had personal experience with these? We want, in dd's words, "a good one."


She will be turning 12yo, and many of her friends are a year older than her. They definitely do not want anything babyish.


Also, what is your opinion of murder mysteries? I was kinda shying away from that--I don't have an issue with a murder mystery, because my understanding is that the murder is not actually acted out in these games and there is not a gory/graphic focus. However, I suspect just one or two of dd's friends' parents might balk at a murder mystery party. Your thoughts?



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We hosted a Medieval Murder Mystery a couple of years ago... it was a lot of fun! Here is where I found it: http://www.birthdaypartygameslady.com/medieval_party_game.htm


A friend of ours hosted one as well, but it was one that came from a box and was set in the 1920s. I think it was my friend's that she never used herself when she was 12, so it may be difficult to find.


Good luck!


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One of the moms in our group hosted it; she planned it with a little help from a few others. She does catering, so she did all the food, and the rest of us paid $5 per person attending. We limited it to ages 12 & older, and parents participated too. I don't know the name of the company, but I know that she ordered a script from someplace online, and assigned student participants a character/suspect. They were to dress and act as that character throughout the evening, and were given a short part to recite/act out when it came time for the trial. We ate first, then listened to the testimonies of the "suspects", and then everyone present wrote down on a slip of paper the person they thought was guilty. Then the hostess announced who did it, and prizes were awarded to those who guessed correctly. Prizes were also awarded to the "suspects" for best costume, best acting, etc. Our mystery was set in the Old West, so we had suspects dressed as saloon girls, farmers, cowboys, etc. After the mystery was solved, we had a "barn dance", and everyone learned the Virginia Reel.

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