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need URGENT Algebra help!!

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Can someone help us!!!! We are doing the word problem section again.

We're using Foerster's Algebra - section 6-9 # 9 or 11 and above.


For #11


We can get the vertical motion formula and we can get A&B correct but everytime we get to c, I keep getting a negative square root.


Can someone explain the process in VERY SIMPLE terms? We understood the problems until we got to #9 C. We are in the process of trying to sell our house and I mistakenly packed our solutions manual.




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For problem 11c and d:


The ball will go into the basket when the height is 0. (The height is zero at the beginning and the end of the shot.). Setting the height equal to zero:


d = 6t - 5t^2

0 = 6t - 5t^2

0 = t(6-5t)

t = 0 and t = 6/5 or 1.2 seconds


For part d, it says that the highest point will be halfway between the time it is thrown and the time it goes in the basket, which would be 0.6 seconds (half of 1.2 seconds from problems c).


d = 6(0.6) - 5(0.6)^2

d = 3.6 - 5(0.36)

d = 1.8 m


You need to add the 3 m that the initial height above the gym floor, so the height is 1.8 + 3 = 4.8 m.


Hope this formats correctly and makes sense!


Martha in GA

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