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If you have Serl's PLL and/or ILL Teacher Manuel......

Susie in MS

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I just ordered these and got them a couple of days ago. I have kids that are doing both. I have my kids working behind a grade level because they are doing all the memorizing and things and need more time for writing.


I had shelved these and actually tried to consign them before I found the teacher's manuals. The teacher's manuals actually have been really helpful. Today my son was supposed to summerize Indian life (ILL lesson 20 something) and the teacher's manual had a lot of information, enough so that my son just read and narrated from that in preparation for his writing a summary in the next lesson.


I think they are valuable also because they give more background information into the paintings for picture study.


The PLL teacher book also adds some fun activities and coloring sheets not present in the student book.


Do you absolutely need them? No, but they have made the books much easier to manage without having to find things on the internet all the time.

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They sound beneficial. I never would have considered that they would have additional info on the research and picture studies.


I'm with you on this. I didn't understand what they would have in them that would be a necessity. Taking into consideration the time we spend researching they might deserve a second thought. :001_smile:

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