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Hi - I wouldn't normally answer because I haven't used this, except that no one else seems to be responding.... I looked at some other Tom Snyder programs awhile back and decided that they were just to expensive for the rather limited scope of each program. If you google Tom Snyder productions reviews, you'll see some mixed reviews. If you add diorama to the search, you will get a favorable review from a hs magazine -- but to me it still sounded pretty limited.


This is just my opinion -- but for paper dioramas, there are great books from Scholastic and Dover with good history projects at much less cost. You can also make real dioramas -- *naturally* the book on diorama that I got from AC Moore is nowhere to be found, but you can buy neat boxes and backgrounds, little figures to put in them. You can do buidings and water, etc. We've just done some simple habitat dioramas so far -- WAY more fun (IMO) than printing paper ones out on a computer. The real ones are not cheap, but they are very nice and the pieces can be reused for new scenes.


Here is one link -- the Scene-a-rama was the product line I found at AC Moore.



ETA I just remembered that I had first seen one of the Tom Snyder products recommended in a Core Knowledge teacher Guide -- CK has high standards, so that would make me think the product was good. Just expensive.

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