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TOG Writing Aids


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Does anyone use this, or have you used it? Did you like it? I am purchasing TOG in the hopes of using it next year....and I like the idea of using it, but wondered how it works. I just started Writing Tales for my almost 9yo, have also liked the looks of the IEW Ancient History program. Would I like this? Any samples of it online? THANKS!

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I have it, but I don't use it exclusively. One nice thing about it is that I don't HAVE to use it to use TOG fully, yet it is scheduled for me should I decide to use it. Clear as mud? :w00t:


Right now we are focused on finishing Writing Tales 2 so that we can jump into CW Homer, but I have no qualms about setting WT2 aside to complete any WA assignment that I find especially worthwhile.


Long story short. It's a great TOG resource to have on-hand if you use TOG. I recommend getting it if you can afford it.


I think you can find samples of WA online.

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