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Starting cursive after manuscript with a 4 yo? Which program?


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My 4.5 yo DD has completed most of HWT K. There are some letters that she has to think about, but for the most part she writes fairly easily and her handwriting is legible. Lately, she's been interested in cursive handwriting. She'll doodle in circles and curly-qs on her paper and call it her cursive. I'm planning to finish HWT K with her, which she'll easily do before summer. But after that I think it might be fun to let her try cursive -- perhaps either for a summer project or when we start MFW K in the fall.


Is this a good idea? Should I wait until her manuscript is firmly established before we move on to something new (which probably wouldn't be the case for another year or more)? If it would be fine to move on, which program would you suggest? HWT has cursive, which might be a good start since it's what we use now and is so close to manuscript, but it's not very pretty. My 6 yo DS might want to join in.


Any comments or suggestions welcome! TIA! :)

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I start with cursive and introduce print later, so she's not too young. I have used Abeka Cursive K5 and I like it. (K4 might be a better fit for you???)


I use Cursive First too. I am working with my 3yo (4 in March) on tracing the letters with her finger on the CF cards and drawing them on a chalkboard.

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Oops, I accidently double posted.


Soooo... did I mention that I highly recommend Cursive First? We love it here... works great for us along side SWR! Oh, in addition to that... it's cost efficient and easy to teach. I'm sorry... we haven't used any others, but you could look at this inexpensive and reproducible little workbook... Beginning Cursive Writing by Homework Helpers.

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