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Agebra II help please?

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I feel so silly but we sold our Algebra I book a year ago. We have Geometry and Algebra II now but anyway we have a problem and I, neither my son, can't remember how we did this in Algebra I. So embarrassing. Can someone help us in simple plain english?


B-2 divided by B4 =




How is this answer so? I know you subtract exponents when dividing the same base but how do you get the positive 6 with this problem?



The mom who is now regretting the sell of her Algebra I book

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To simplify this problem multiply both the numerator and the denominator by b^2. This will turn the numerator into '1' because b^0 =1 and the denominator into b^6. If you wanted to change the form of the original fraction so there was not a denominator you would apply the same principle--and multiply numerator and denominator by b^-4 (answer would be b^-6).


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