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What ages Explode the Code online?


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For those that are using this, how do you think it would work for a 9 year old with delays? I realize I should probably post this on the special needs board, but thought I might find some input here. She is reading on a 2nd grade level, but struggling with some of her basic phonics combinations. I have had her in public school (she is in 3rd grade) but I am ready to bring her home.

I saw that the homeschoolbuyers coop has it for $35 for a membership to expire in Oct. That seems a good price, I am just worried she might be to old for the program as I could not find anything to suggest what ages this would work for. I am looking to improve and strengthen her reading skills, and thought a good phonics foundation would help her. Anyone use this program online and like it? thanks!

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I purchased the ETC online this fall for my 8 yr old, and I've seen great improvement since he started it. He's pretty much been able to do it on his own and it's coordinated nicely with AAS.


At that price, it's worth a try. The program keeps track of what the student has done and assigns lessons based on their needs. Your dd will probably zoom through the early lessons but that's OK.

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