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I ordered some materials from Amazon. EVERY SINGLE TIME I order from them, I get my stuff in a couple days, tops. It has NEVER taken a week even with free shipping.


So on the 16th, I think, I ordered a boatload of stuff. They shipped one thing separately and we got it that Saturday. The rest was supposedly sent Dec 22nd and STILL isn't here!


Tracking information isn't up-to-date (never has been on any order I've ever checked).


Anything I can do?

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I have ordered from them several times and have always thought there shipping was really quick. I usually order enough to get the free shipping and it has never been the amount of days they specify. I would definitely check into the order however you can. Do they have a way that you can contact them via email, also...or try the phone one? I would check on it, either way.

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Where are they based? I order from them sometimes too, and I forget. Some areas have been hit hard with nasty winter weather. I know it's delayed trucking and things, so maybe that's part of it???


Let us know when you receive your things, hope it's soon!

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I ordered some items on the 22nd. Usually they are sent from Dallas, but these came from Oregon and got delayed because of the weather. I PAID for shipping, but only got the items today. I don't know why they came from a different warehouse, perhaps they were out of stock here.


I never have USPS items tracked correctly from amazon. I'll get them delivered when it shows they are still sitting in Dallas.


I'm in SW Louisiana by the way.

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