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Repeat after me, I will get something done today, I will get something done today!!

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Lee, aren't all the libraries closed today?


We're starting school in just a minute. It would help if I had some people AWAKE! :mad:


I used to be pretty good about staying off the boards during schooldays, but I got on here this morning.


If you see me on here again before nightfall, tell me to get lost, will ya?

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Well, I'll be cleaning my house and doing laundry. Martin Luther King day means dh is home and so are the neighborkids. SIL is stopping by this afternoon since she is off too. For us it's another weekend day! Yay!! So, I'll be right there tomorrow trying to get the kids back on track, but not today. Although, I bet dh and I still forget it's a holiday and check the mail box!


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I was up at 5:30 thanks to a malfunctioning smoke detector :mad:


I have made my menu and shopping lists for the week and done a load of laundry. I still have to get my Bible reading done, school with the kids (light day, just our Sonlight history & read aloud today), go food shopping, and help my 8 yo make some order out of his bedroom. I have to make my bed, dust & vacuum my bedroom.


For someone who's been up for almost 5 hours, I haven't gotten much done today! LOL


These boards are gonna be the end of me....

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We'll be schooling, somehow. I only slept from 10:30-12:00, 12:30-2:15, and then again from 5:00-6:00 thanks to an ugly cough. It really seems my lungs don't like me anymore and really want out of my body :mad:.


I've spent the morning getting ready for school, doing some morning chores, and catching up here. And drinking coffee.


Maybe I'll get a nap :rolleyes:.

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