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Giant Dollhouse...Only Hearts Dolls? Furniture? (long)

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So we just got back from a looong holiday vacation. My MIL is building a very sturdy, well made, enormous dollhouse for my daughter's third birthday, which is in the spring.


Because I am an ingrate, I am dreading this. This dollhouse is 33" wide and 55" tall at the peak.


(I wanted to make DD a doll treehouse ... with these dolls, some of which I have already made... *sniffs with disappointment*...)


On the plus side, it has an open "back", no front (apparently the kit makers realized that such a huge thing had to sit against a wall) and is only about 18" deep. Also a plus is that it has two large drawers built into the base for storing toys and goodies. (If you follow this link -scroll down for the photo- the dollhouse in question looks something like the middle one.)


The dollhouse is scaled to Barbies, which is the thing that makes me grimace even more. Now, I don't want to start a debate about Barbies being good or evil, or Barbies vs. Bratz, or anything like that, primarily because my mind has been made up about this for years. I disliked Barbies as a child, as an adult I dislike them even more, and I don't really want them in my house.


So I was thinking that I could get my daughter some Only Hearts Club dolls to use with this dollhouse. They are a little smaller than Barbies, but I think that they will work. However, I have been able to find no furniture whatsoever scaled to fit OHC dolls.


Will Barbie-scaled furniture work for Only Hearts Club dolls?


Also, are there any OHC boys? My daughter wants everything- inanimate objects included- to come in a mommy version, a daddy version, and a baby version. (What can I say, she's way into nuclear families.) If there are no boys, this will bum her out.


Anyone know of any decent quality dolls that I could use in this giant dollhouse?

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We have OHC dolls & they're lovely. We only have girls - don't know if there are boys. There is some OHC furniture. We have a chesterfield and an armchair with foot stool. This is all a couple years old though so maybe it's discontinued?


Have you looked at groovy girls dolls? They might be a bit big for the house but there are groovy boys too - we have some of those.

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Oh, thank you! The Groovy Girls (and Guys!) dolls are very cute. The website I looked at said that they were 13" tall, so I think that would work, as it isn't much taller than Barbie. They had lots of furniture, too. Cool.

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My dd has OHC dolls and I love them. They're shaped just like dd, quite realistic in many ways. There is only one boy doll, and he's a little brother. There are no adult dolls. Mostly pre-teen girls and their young siblings. There are pets and "rooms" that come with furniture. I just asked dd and she's not sure if you can get furniture by itself.


Ds just reminded me that we saw some larger-scale (not miniature) furniture at Hobby Lobby (chest of drawers that really work, etc.)


Groovy Girls are fun, but they're a bit big. They might work, though, if your dd doesn't care too much about scale. :)

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We have always made our own furniture. We mainly used cardboard and glue/tape. We have made cribs, meds, chairs, tables,etc. Then we paint them, decorate with stickers, etc.

We made rugs out of weaving paper and weaving looms.

The nice thing is my daughter designed and made most of them, I was just there to enjoy and supervise.

Have fun with it,


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We just got our girls the OHC dolls for Christmas. And the horses (!). They love the horses.


I'd say they're just about the same size as Barbies?? I'd think the Groovy Girls would be too big, and too floppy to use as well.


We did get one piece of furniture - a sleep sofa, so they can be put to bed at night. They also have other furniture available, some come in room sets (though I don't anticipate buying any... we have limited space, and they already have a regular Victorian dollhouse).


Club room

Sleeper sofa

Chair & Ottoman

Bean Bag Chair


There are also sleeping bags.

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My DD had a Little Tikes My Size Barbie Doll House. It was 37" x 24" x 38".


She used it with all sorts of dolls, her dinosaur collection, and stuffed animals. I liked that it had 3 floors, and each could be used for a different type of doll or animal. It was rarely used for DD's Barbies, although she had all that stuff, too.


DD had 5 doll houses, a McDonald's restaurant, a school, a castle, and a huge barn. As far as I was concerned, there was always room for more. I liked this stuff more than she did.


I'd make the doll treehouse, too, if I were you. That is one thing I never got around to, although it was on my list. DD grew up too fast!


I used to browse eBay for ideas on furniture and accoutrements and then scout out places to buy them online, unless they were no longer in production.

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We have a store-bought doll house that is a similar size, and my girls have used it successfully with both Barbies (gack) and Groovy Girls. Barbie-sized furniture came with it, but not a lot, so we added Groovy furniture to it. They LOVE it.


I think it would be perfect with OHC dolls, too. Or, just put the fairies you like in this doll house! Isn't that a good compromise? :D

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