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The most AMAZING thing happened today!

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Nearly 30 years ago, when I was 10yo, I went to church camp for a week. I was shy, insecure, homesick, etc. My counselor was a young woman named Lorna.


Is there someone in your life that has made a huge positive impact on you even if they are no longer a part of your life? This was her. She was this awesome example of Christ's love personified. She made such a huge impact on me that I went to camp for the next 3 years in a row and requested to be in her cabin every time. Spiritually and personally, she is someone who stands out in my memory.


Obviously, we all grow up and eventually stop attending camp and I never saw her again but I never forgot her.


As I have lamented before, since we moved back to Michigan we have had a tough time finding a church. We have visited probably 15-20 different churches. Every time I think we have found one that might fit us, something weird happens (there is a lot of weirdness going on out there :tongue_smilie:). This morning we visited yet another new church. I enjoyed the sermon and was thinking, "Hmmm, this might work."


After the sermon, a man seated next to my dh introduced himself and welcomed us to the church. He introduced his wife and then motioned to the couple seated behind us and said "and this is Danny and Lorna."




She didn't recognize me of course but she looks exactly the same. My eyes welled up with tears and I grabbed her and hugged her really tightly (which, for anyone who knows me, is strange since I have personal space issues :D ). I am pretty sure she thought I was a lunatic. But then I started babbling about who I was and how I knew her and what an impact she had on my life as a teenager, etc, etc. She remembered me then and was so happy to see us and started talking about how great the church was AND the fact that there were several members I already know from my childhood church (which burned down when I was 22yo).


It was so AWESOME.


So, anyways, it was really cool and I had to share!

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Awesome story, Heather!


There were several people in my life whom God used to show me His love. Prior to moving back east, I was able to tell one of the women what a witness she had been to me, and how she had (unknown to her) planted seeds that bore fruit. It was fantastic to be able to bless her with that testimony of her faithfulness to God. I doubt I'll ever see the others -- but after your story, Who knows!

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That is so cool!!!!


I had something like that happen one time. When I was about 11 or 12, my family hosted a couple of 18yo traveling missionary (with YWAM) girls who were passing through Maine (where I grew up) on a trip. I kept in touch with one girl, but not the other. 13 or so years later, I was in a remote part of Northern Ontario with a YWAM team myself, in freezing cold January, helping out at a youth retreat. The lady in charge of the retreat got up and was talking to the kids, and she said her name. When I heard her say that, I thought, "That's the name of the other girl from that weekend whom I didn't keep in touch with. hmmm......" I got all excited inside, because I just KNEW it was her!! Impatiently I waited for her to finish and give the kids a break, then I went and introduced myself. I asked, "Did you travel with YWAM and stay with a single mother with 5 kids in Maine one time in the early 80s?" She looked at me strangely, then said yes. I said, "I'm the oldest of those 5 kids and you have no idea what an impact you guys had on me!!!" She was so shocked, and then blessed. She shared that story with everyone when the retreat sessions resumed. It was very cool.


I loved your story!

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