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Motivated Mom's users...I need help...

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If you have downloaded the '09 Motivated Mom's can you help me?


I just ordered the MM w/ bible but forgot to change my primary e-mail address to my new email and so the link w/ the download is lost in email never, never land. I was wondering if I showed my receipt if I could get someone to email it to me.


I'm going to email the gals at MM, too, but I was hoping to get this set up and ready to go for tomorrow!



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Ugh. I hate when that happens. Or, worse, when I had to get a new laptop and then try to contact people to re-download stuff from years ago (like Microsoft and Homeschool Tracker).


Hopefully, they'll be right on top of it. Until then, here's the list for 1/5:



  • Change dishcloth/towel
  • Change hand towels in bathroom(s)
  • Clean middle shelf of the refrigerator
  • Inventory refrigerator contents and plan meals around leftovers
  • Vacuum main/public rooms or 1st floor
  • Vacuum furniture in family/living room
  • Clean toilets
  • Replenish stock of toilet paper in bathrooms


Sorry, I don't have the bible version, so I can't help with the daily scripture reading.




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Maybe you can download it from the page which shows your receipt? That's how I did mine--I didn't want to wait for the whole e-mail thing! Hoever, I did it the instant the screen appeared--so it may not work for you. It may be worth a try.


You may be able to, depending. Go to "History" and try and find it that way--I'd give you more specific instructions, but it depends on your browsr how you go about it specifically. But it is a thought.


Today's tasks:


--cut/sort/file coupons

--papmper yourself

--make shopping/errand list.

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