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Flash Cars from Hearthsong - did anyone buy this?

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We ordered this for our ds for Christmas. Every year we buy from Hearthsong and have never been disappointed.


This Flash Cars thing is really a huge disappointment though. It is made very poorly and therefore it doesn't work right.


Before we return it, I'm wondering if anyone else happened to buy this and did you find that you had problems with it too, or maybe we just got a bad one? I'm not sure if I want to exchange it for another or get our money back.


Hopefully someone out there has one of these too...

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Oh, that one looks cool.


The problem with the Hearthsong one is that it is poorly designed. Where the pieces connect to make the track don't line up right, so the cars can't complete the loops without falling off the track. Because it's thick plastic, it's not able to be manipulated into a workable solution, especially since you have to take the track apart to store it.


We're definitely returning it, just not sure whether to ask for another one or not. So you like yours and it works like it should? Hmm...it does look neater than ours...Lucky. ;)

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We bought this one . I know it doesn't have the upside down parts, but it is a lot of fun if you are looking for an exchange. The tracks are flexible and can be changed in seconds. It was a huge hit with all the kids this year.


We've had great luck with Hearthsong. I'm sorry this product was crappy. :(

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