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Comparing fall of USSR to present US situation

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Interesting. I can't say that I agree or put much stock into what he proposes we do, but interesting.


I'd like to see a comparison of the Great Depression and today's recession. I think there is a big difference between the USA gov't and communism. I sense that he is urging the USA on towards a communist idealogy - YUCK!!!

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I think the one thing that this man (and another, who predicts the US will break into 6 different regions all under foreign influence/control by 2010 via civil war or something of the sort), do NOT take into account well at all -- is the differing government systems of the two countries.


While I do believe a financial collapse is possible -- I think the complete disentigration of our nation's system of government is much more implausible. Perhaps I'm being naiive, but as fractured as our nation can be at times -- I just don't think we're THAT fractured.


The current financial mess has not yet reached the levels of the Great Depression (with something like 30% unemployment rates, and 50% foreclosure rates). I do believe unemployment will worsen -- I have suggested we'll see 10% unemployment, or possibly slightly more (rates we saw at the end of the Carter Admin./beginning of the Reagan Admin.)


Only time will tell, though.

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We have been studying the Jacksonian Age and I see more of a comparison between that time and now. Speculation, making bad loans, bank failures, everyone suffering because of it...

The US does not have to collapse because of it.

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One thing I did not see in the article is the updating of infrastruture.


The US regularly updates it's infrastruture. There is the impression of progress.


Most (if not all) countries seem to stop updating things once they convert to communism. Look at the infrastruture progress of East Germany and the former Warsaw Pact countries. They look like they were when they converted.


Also, Americans tend to follow money regardless of anything else. I can't see many Americans suggesting breaking up the US will encourgage profits - in the short or long terms.


Everyone would lose with a breakup and I think the vast majority (even non-Americans) would see that.

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