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Dh and ds7 just left on their first Cub Scout Camping trip

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I don't know why I am so nervous!! I know Dh is not going to lose ds in the woods. I know it is good for ds to get out in the world but he is so little. He hasn't made any friends yet in his Cub Scout troop. I have been letting dh have complete control of this Cub Scout thing(which is very hard for me!!). Dh isn't one to help ds make friends. Dh is a wonderful father but he is more into letting things just happen and not actually introducing ds to new kids or getting to know other parents. I know they are going to have a great time. This is just the first time ds has been away from me for more than 24 hours and when he has been away it has only been at my mom's.


Does anyone else here get nervous like this when their kiddos go out into the big world with out them??

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I'm more like this with my oldest daughter... as she is the introvert and extremely sensitive. My oldest boy, who is very socially adept, I only worry about a meltdown because of a perceived slight (oh, the McDonald's playground stories there!) -- but he's really outgrown those now, thankfully.


I think part of it is just wanting to protect them from everything, and when they aren't here with us, we feel helpless. It doesn't matter how much confidence we have in our children, or those who are watching over them. We worry.


Heck, I get worried the first several times I leave our children in Sunday School! Fear of the unknown and all.:D

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I don't get nervous about such things, just afraid that I might miss something. I went on every campout with my ds for the first few years. Now he is getting ready to move on to Boy Scouts where there will be lots of camping without me! He's signed up to go to the National Jamboree in 2010 which entails being gone for 2 weeks without me. I'm already contemplating driving up and going to it for a few days myself. I'm so not like that with my 13dd - she is very independent and would have a fit if I tried to go with her all the time.


Your ds (and dh) will be fine. :grouphug:

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