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If you had World Book would you still buy separate ref texts?

Amber in AUS

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My parents have a set of World Book that they are willing to sell to us reasonably cheap. If i get them will i still need to purchase separate reference texts for history and science?


I realise the info would be way too much for grammar stage and would have to water it down but i am thinking it might be the way to go. Not having to purchase extra encyclopedias for animals, world history, plants, human body etc would be good.



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There are advantages to having a history or science specific encyclopedia because of the way the information is organized. For instance, the history would be in chronological order with timelines, etc. You wouldn't get that with a regular encyclopedia. You'd have to know which events you wanted to study in order to look them up. The same thing would be true of the science. It would be organized with the important information in each of the major topics. You would be able to use that to decide what to study.


Now, I really do like my regular encyclopedias. But, I don't think I'd pay very much for them. I got mine at a library sale for $15.00. For the amount we use them, this is just right.



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I wouldn't be willing to pay anything for them. I'm not even sure if I'd take them if they were offered for free. Wikipedia has taken over the role of encyclopaedias, in my opinion. I used to know a chap who wrote parts of them and he said the info is no more reliable than Wikipedia anyway. I'd prefer to spend my money and shelf space on better quality books.



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We do like having a paper copy of encyclopedias. I also got ours at the library book sale for $11 I think and agree that they aren't worth much more then that-Only because there are sooo many older sets out there. We probably use it once a week or so for just random things we wonder about.


But I also think the separate refernce books are good too.


For little kids, it isn't only that the info is too much, but that a really nice Animal Encyclopedia, for example, will have so many more pictures. We have the Kingfisher First Animal Encyc. and it is one of my 2yos favorite books.


I also think the History Encycs we have are much better for school time

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