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Making Math Meaningful??


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We have tried Saxon, and Singapore Math so far, and am now just using Kindermath as a review/reinforcement until we find one we can work with, as well as doing some math games, and things with MFW 1st. I just came across MMM and Level 1 especially looks like something that might be a good fit. I haven't heard much about it though, not like all of the other curriculum. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.:001_smile:

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as a supplement to R&S 2nd for about 6 weeks now.


Since R&S is basic and straight to the point, I picked up MMM Level 2 on Ebay for a great price.


MMM makes him think in a different way from R&S, and for what it's worth...he likes it better than R&S. I'm going to have him finish R&S at least through grade 2 because I like the way the triplets are taught, but I'm really impresses with MMM so far.


If you have any specific questions, please ask, and I'll try to answer. Keep in mind that I haven't been using it that long. Also, for other questions, there is a yahoo group for this that I have joined, but it's not very active.





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I do MMM K with all my kids, but did not care for MMM 1, so we switched to MUS. My issues with MMM 1, are:


Sometimes I could not figure out what I was supposed to be doing, or why, I would have to wait for my husband to come home and figure it out. I am very good at math, but my hubby is a genius. I shouldn't need help with 1st grade math! I shudder to think how much trouble I would have with the higher grades.


All of the addition and subtraction problems are taught at the same time, with the theory that after doing the same problems over and over with manipulatives, the students will memorize them. My son did not memorize a single fact in the 3 months he did it. Once we switched to MUS he learned them all in a very short time. I/my husband, think rote memory of facts is not a good idea. My husband is a human calculator because he can manipulate numbers in his head. MUS has you learn the facts by manipulating them. 4+5=4+4+1 8+3=(8+2)+1


I do really like some of the unique problems that MMM 1 has. I did use a portion of it with my second child and am considering using it as a K course with my younger ones. (I really consider MMM K, a pre-K course.) I don't want to totally dissuade you from it because my husband went to watch demos for it and MUS and he just couldn't decide which program was better. He finally decided that I should do both and he is very excited about the algebraic way they present things to 1st graders and above. Maybe I should have stuck with both programs . . .

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