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Disclaimer.....this breathtaking Arabian.....

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He is stunning, I was going to say something yesterday, but didnt want to look like a fool, with my lil Egyptian knowledge. I cant wait to someday get one. There is a ranch in No. Cal that I hope to buy from in the future, she has beautiful stock, I think the name is Windermere or Windamere.


I am an addict and I dont even have one yet.

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ooooh! very nice :)


I was talking to these guys about buying their horse- Tazz-Man [full brother to the Covenant on that page- excellent video]. He'll look a lot like his older brother. He's in training not too far from me, but i know i need to wait till i have cash in hand to see him in person!


On our trip to MI the week of Christmas i stopped and looked at a herd of non-Nazeer Egyptians outside Olio, AR- what a solid looking bunch! I've been talking w/ him about doing some preservation breeding....we'll see how that goes ;). i wanted to stop and meet The Covenant too but the time crunch was a bit much.


The gal down the street from me just reduced the price on a filly from 40K to 15K -still a bit out of my range for a horse i can't ride yet ;)

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