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Glasses for toddlers

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Hi all. My ds is 18 mo. and needs new glasses. I'll save the long story, but say that we will not be going back to the place we got our current pair from. We also cannot get them where he sees the Dr, as that is over an hour away.


So, do any of you know of a major chain that sells toddler glasses? The kind with the cable around the ears so they won't fall off.



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I can't fully answer your question, but when my 4 yo got his glasses, I had a very. hard. time. finding the elastic strap for his glasses. I ended up finding one at a local opticians office, but my Sears, Walmart, and LensCrafters and Pearle Vision did not have them. Now that I think of it, I think I saw them later at Walmart's optical dept., but they must get snatched up fairly quickly.


Although I am paying about $75 more for my son's glasses by using the optician in his dr.'s office, it is proving to be well worth the money -- the warranty is better (2 yrs vs. 1 yr at Lenscrafters) and they will also replace his lenses for free if they get too scratched up (if it is the same prescription). We are going though glasses in about 10 months (though this is mostly due to my 3 yo angrily grabbing at his brother's glasses).


Hope you can find some place that will work for you.

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I bought glasses for a 3 yo at Sears, and bought the strap extra. The only person I know who bought glasses for a toddler is Nadia (aka Osmosis Mom) and when she and I lived in the same area, she went to a fabulous private optician who was superb in fitting glasses for her twins. Ds got his first pair of glasses shortly before he turned 3, and before we met Nadia.


But we bought him straps for glasses until he was 5 or 6, even if we had to buy them separately.

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