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We're contemplating sending our 9th grader to public school...

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He would finish his 9th grade year there. If it goes well, we'll let him continue until he graduates. I have no idea what to expect when I go to enroll him. I can easily put together a portfolio of his work, but can't provide any standardized test scores for him. Well, I could provide one from a few years ago, but I doubt that would help much. I tried to call the administration office, but they're still on vacation. Can anyone tell me what I should expect? I wish this was going to be easy, but I'm not too hopeful.

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In CA, no problem, of course they would not accept any "credits earned", they made her re-do stuff she already did. I fought that and it wasnt until they did SAT's and refused to test her in the areas "they" did not teach her in, that I raised the issue of discrimination and lawyers...I immediately got testing, as well as paper credit for some previous classes. That child stayed in public school. But thats another story.


Here in NC, no problems at all, they even accepted previous work (Biology, Algebra), but the school was not too good and she is coming home for the rest of High School in a few weeks.


It can be done, the only issue, I beleive is one of accepting what you have already done with your child.

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I called the High School guidance office. They were very nice. The guidance counselor told me they will accept my dd's standardized test for math and English placement. In NC we have to do this yearly anyway. She will be considered a transfered student so she will be treated like any student who is coming in as a 10th grader. They suggested a health class so she can get full credit for Health and PE. Also I have to make a transcript of the classes she has taken this year. He suggested I get a handbook from the High School and title the classes she has taken this year the same as they are listed in the book. That way no questions are needed. "He told me they will love me if I do that."


She will have to take a test in the fall when school starts that all transfer students take but he assured me it was very easy.


I still am struggling with this. We have hs from birth and really never planned on this. However, she feels a strong need to experience this so I think we are going to try it next year. It is a large high school of 1800 students so it will be quite a change.


This guidance counselor told me most hs students do very well after a couple months of adjustment. He feels the language is probably going to be the worst thing for her to deal with. He told me he can't believe especially what he hears during lunch duty from girls.


Anyway I know every state is different but I would start with polite talks with the guidance office to get the information you need.


Good luck


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My ds started in public high school this year in Virginia. He had taken several classes for which high school credit is offered already. He was given credit towards graduation in foreign languages (French and Latin) and placed in French 4 as a 9th grader. Ds took the National Latin Exam and the French Teacher's Contest every year so we gave the school those records. He also had already taken Algebra 1 and Geometry. Those are courses for which an exit exam is required in my state. So, in two weeks my ds will be taking the exit exams in those courses. If he passes he will recieved "verified credit." If he doesn't pass, he will have opportunities to retest in the summer. Every state is different, but moving my ds to public high school with credits was relatively painless.


You could search your school district's website and see if they have information about students transfering in during high school.

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I'm in TN, by the way.


Since it was 9th grade, he could only have brought in 3 course credits from 8th grade anyway (foriegn langauge, math and science). They did accept his Sanford scores as a place to start. But, here was the rub:


The school assumes everyone is going to college and therefore, though they accept the 8th grade classes for high school graduation credit, they pointed out that THEY require all students to complete 2 years of foreign language credit, 4 years of math, and three years of science all in 9th -12th grades only, because, most universites require that now, and though the 8th grade credits are on the tarnscript, they are valid for high scool graduation, but they are not considered valid for college admissions.


Also, they did make all incoming non-public school students come in on a Saturday in May and take an end of course Algebra I test to verify placement. Actually, they made ALL 9th grade students take the test since this particular school doesn't trust even other public schools teaching. Go figure ~


Latin ~ well, I determined it was not a hill to die on. Although we have had years and years of Latin, and he did wonderfully on the Latin II NLE last spring, they were a little resistance to put him in Latin III. SO, they had the Latin instructor come and meet with him for 1/2 hour and they talked Latin so she could see how she felt about it. In the end, she felt like he could have gone to Latin III, but with the change of curriculum, and the variances of the scope and sequence of the Latin program she taught vs. what we had been using, she felt like he would benefit a year of Latin II repeat, and it best, it would be a great way for him to get used to her teaching methods, get very proficient in vocab, and be one of his easier classes. All that said, end of the 1st semester, he made all A's, but a C in Latin. She is his favorite teacher by far, but is very hard and expects a lot. It was a hard earned C, but he said he learned more in this one semester than he did the last two years (she has been teaching for over 30 years). So, I'm glad we did it. They said if he passed Latin II, they would go back and give him credit for Latin I for 8th, though he will still need another same language credit (Latin III) for college admissions.


English and science ~ they just put him in Biology and English like all the other incoming freshman. They didn't give a hoot about Physical Science, and don't even offer it for high school. Again, they said he could take the EOC exam for 8th grade credit, but it would not count for college admissions. Plus, they require all students to take Physics so they meet the 3 credit science requirements. (Yes, this is a public high school)


So, it really wasn't as difficult as I had thought. I was prepared to show a portfolio, but no one asked for it. But, we did have Sanford test scores to show. So without that, they may want one.


I the neighboring county, they make all incoming non accredited students (homeschooled and some private schools) take all end of course exams they want credit for. It really stinks if you go in as a JR, which a tutorial student of mine did this year....took 12 EOC tests over the summer. She passed them all, and they were nice enough to spread them out over the summer for her so she could study.


But 9th is a pretty good year to go in, if you are going. I think we may be coming home for various reasons at the end of this year, uncertain though. We'll ride out 2nd semester and see.


Good luck ~

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