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The teacher's guide recommends 30 minutes three times a week if you plan to do the optional writing exercises. It says that if the lesson takes longer, to stop at 30 minutes and continue the next day you do the book. It also recommends to do some of the lessons orally if the student struggles with writing.


No practical experience with it, but short lessons are my goal with it.

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Is that it takes us about 20 minutes -- were in the late 40s for lessons.


Seems to me there were a few lessons that seemed to last longer than that -- mainly when walking a student through the diagramming sections. But, that could've just been a "bad" day for us -- or, should I say me because I was probably not being as patient as needed?


I do find that I need to sit with my student for nearly the entire time. It isn't something that you can teach, then direct your attention towards something else for them to finish up. You are basically teaching the whole time.

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