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The 39 Mysteries , anyone else doing this series?


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I had found out about this reading program from our evening news as I had never heard of it.

There are two books in the series at the moment, and number 3 will be released in March.

So far we've really enjoyed the books as they are mystery stories and within the books there are clues that after they are finished reading they go online and answer questions and play games.


Anyone else here reading these books?? What are your thoughts?



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Reading level is about hight 4th to 5th and up. I am reading #1 and am enjoying it. Just to warn anyone who might be sensitive to it. It is mildly violent--people trying to "eliminate" others and there is at least 1 OMG (not the letters and not Gosh).

Now, there is a really fun website that goes with it to record your clues and earn more. Either I'm too old, or it's a little complicated, but I really don't understand all the clue stuff. Why do you need them? I have yet to find any mention of the clue cards in the book. I am only about 2/3rds through, so maybe this will make sense later. Or maybe I really am too old.


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My daughter said you have to go onto the website. The cards have numbers on the bottom. When your on the website you go into My Cards and then you click on add cards when you get in there and submit the card number . These cards help give you more clues to solve the mystery. In order to unlock some of the clues you have to have rare cards and sometimes ultra rare cards. You can also get more clues by going in My games. You have to score a certain amount of points to get more clues to help you solve the mysteries.


That's pretty much what my 10yr old told me. She's got it all figured out. LOL.

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