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2001 New Singapore math verus US Standards Singapore Math???


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Does anyone have experience with the 2001 new Singaore Math versus the U.S. Standards Singaore Math (2008)? There is the singaporemath.com site that sells the U.S. standards edition and then there is this other site from singapore that sells the current 2001 Singapore math curriculum used in Singapore. The link is below:




I am just curious if the U.S. Standards edition from 2008 is comparable and just as thorough... The Singapore web site above makes one think that the U.S. editions are not comparable and perhaps not as good.




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I used the original Primary Maths ordered directly from Singapore. I don't have experience with the U.S. version because I loved the other version so well that we never changed. I prefer having my sons learn the metric system because that is what they will be seeing in all their science books to come. And we are immersed in the English measurement system so I didn't feel they lacked knowledge of that.


My kids do great with math and are the only ones in their circle of friends who are comfortable with metric. I can't speak to the thoroughness of the U.S. version because I haven't used it, but PM is very thorough, IMO.

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It's funny -- I just read that chart myself a few days ago....It's my understanding that the sgbox site is *not* selling Primary Math (any version of it) but the various series that are currently for sale in Singapore, such as "My Pals are Here!" So they're not selling the old, Singaporean editions of Primary Math but new stuff. I think this is somehow controversial; the singaporemath.com people think their books (which are a reworked version of the old Primary Math books from Singapore) are proven, while the Singaporean government has gone in a different direction, reducing and changing the curriculum from what was in the old books, and creating different series (some higher level than others), presumably updated and improved -- which the sgbox.com people are selling.


I have obtained the first 3 years of Primary Math, 3rd ed (Singaporean) because I wanted the metric and the Singaporean cultural references, for my own purposes, deluded or not. This is a different beast from the US or Standards versions of Primary Math, and from the series being used now in Singapore and sold on sbox. Not that I'm exactly using them; I just wanted them. Blech.

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Stripe, I know this is a very old thread, but since you seem to understand the topic well, can you shed some more light on it? I just came across sgbox . com and realized what you wrote here - that they claim Singapore is no longer using any version or edition of Primary Math. Is this site legit? Is the math curricula they are selling really the one(s) being used in Singapore now?


Anyone else know anything about this?

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