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Any great movie suggestions for tonight?

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We got Oklahoma! for our dd. Had a lot of fun watching it! Maybe not what you were thinkin', but still...


Ds ("Film Buff") got a bunch of great movies on dvd for Christmas to build his library. Have you seen The Dark Knight? Violent but really, really good--Heath Ledger is creeeeepy as The Joker and should win the Oscar.

We watched Psycho a couple of nights ago--very interesting film making.

The Third Man bored me, but the lighting is absolutely stunning.

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My dh and I want to rent a movie for tonight, but I am drawing a blank. We like all genres and just want something to enjoy.


Any suggestions?


We are having a family movie night with our boys (this is the only night they get to indulge in staying up late and watching movies all night.)


Horton Hears a Who

Prince Caspian

National Treasure

Spy Kids


Happy New Year!

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Movie night here too. We're watching The Absent-Minded Professor (Fred MacMurray version) and the Apple Dumpling Gang. When the 3yo goes to bed my ds's are lining up Monty Python and the Holy Grail and one of the Indiana Jones movies. We also enjoyed Prince Caspian and Wall-E within the last week. Have fun!



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We just watched Prince Caspian the other night -so good.


I am jealous - we are watching my dh's team getting creamed in a bowl game!


Have you ever watched Now Voyager with Bette Davis?

Another movie I love is The Talented Mr. Ripley - kind of creepy.

I also watch Shakespeare in Love movie recently and found it to be quite endearing.


Happy New Year!!!!!

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Spy Kids and Horton Hears a Who


dh and I ~ When Harry Meets Sally and Eagle Eye


We enjoyed them all!


Cool. We watched Hancock and I am Legend


(and I had a 10 year old crying & crawling in bed with me at 1:30 but he insisted it wasn't b/c he was scared...only sad. This is the first horror movie our kids have ever watched. I haven't heard from the 14 & 13 year-olds...)


Will Smith is one of my fav actors.

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