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What home furnishing companies do you like?

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We really like Luxury of Leather here, but I am not sure they are in your area. We love them for our couches and my parents and aunt and uncle have all bought based on our purchases.


I am also a fan of Pottery Barn, but I like to get their items on floor sample clearance. :)


Good Luck!


We just bought a leather sectional for Luxury of Leather and I it was a delight to do business with them. They have excellent customer service great product and fantastic prices. Two thumbs up from me!!

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When I lived back East, that was my favorite. They don't show out here in the West, though, so I'm out of touch. They had a line of Queen Anne style furniture that was a nice warm cherry brown that I just loved. Eathan Allen had similar designs, but used cold dark brown wood and I didn't like it nearly so much.


I also really like Hooker--it's sold in high end stores, and I don't have very much, but the designs and quality are really, really good.


For home office type stuff, and some practical pieces like bookshelves, or black leather couches that don't cost too much, you can't beat IKEA.


There is a lot to be said for getting some sturdy old antiques that have already stood the test of time. They have so much character, and they tend to last forever. You can't just go to a store or order them, though. You have to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

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I don't know what they have as far as a furniture line, but for durablity we've been really impressed with the Thomasville stuff we have as government loaner furniture.


Is it the most glamours or anything? No. But it's really holding up well. You have to remember this is the furniture you get to use during your 3 or however many years you are overseas here. So it get's moved in and out of houses every few years. And it's used by people that have no real 'investment' in it. They didn't buy, they don't have rent it (now if you destroy it, you do have to pay for it) but basically it probably isn't treated as carefully as furniture you went out and paid your own money for.


And it's not just the furniture we got, I've found this to be true at our friends houses as well.

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We have bought shelves, a storage trunk, an armoire, a side table and dresser, and a chair from Pier One and are very pleased with all of them.


We have purchased two leather ottomans, a leather chair, a computer desk and a large display shelf, and a storage bench from Target and love them as well.


The rest of our furniture came from local furniture stores or are antique pieces that we bought from individuals or antique shops.


I very much like Pottery Barn style, but so far all I have managed to get from PB is a lamp shade, which I still admire four years after purchasing it from an outlet store.

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