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Question for World of Warcraft folks...

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My son just purchased the game, and was taken aback by the insinuation (on the cover) that one *has* to pay monthly, to play. (Online)


He was under the impression that there were levels of this, similar to Runescape, where one could either play for free or pay for a subscription.


Was he completely mistaken?


(I told him I would ask on 'my board', since I know there are enthusiasts--and WoW widows, unfortunately--here.)


Thanks for any and all help. He's ready to take it back if it will cost him more money, but if there's a free option, he wants to keep it.

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It's correct that you have to pay monthly to play. There is no offline option as far as I know. But, it's only $15 a month if you pay monthly, and while that can seem like a lot, think of it relatively.


For $15, you could see one and a half movies, which is roughly 3.5 hours of entertainment.


For $15, you could buy a book, which could be finished in a week or two (obviously varies by the book and reading speed).


For $15, you can play WoW for a month, as many hours as one has free to play.


You are also paying for constant updates, fixes, and new content. The game is not static and is well supported because of the monthly fee.


I found it was worth it for the roughly 2 years I played.


Hope that helps :001_smile:

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...off to tell ds the bad news, lol.


I'm sure the cost is justifiable for some, but ds has decided that as a 13yo with limited income, lol...it's not worth it. I feel kinda bad for him (even though I'm no computer game fan)...he was excited about it. :-(


Thanks for the Guild Wars suggestion...are there any offline games that are similar in feel to WoW?

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