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What CAUSES Vitamin D deficiency?

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Despite taking supplements (thanks to this board), I'm deficient in vit D. Doc gave me prescription vit D to boost it and then I'll maintain with the supplements.


But I didn't ask her why I would be deficient (my mom asked me). I can't imagine anyone that lives in Texas could be lacking sun and that is more so in my situation (push mow an acre, volunteer work includes lots of outside time, no fence so we take dogs out, etc).


Do foods (other than milk) have vit D?

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Vitamin D intake is more complicated than just how much time you spend outside. Here is a good article for you. They are finding that most people do not get adequate vitamin D. It is not easy to supplement with food sources as it is fat soluble and your body does not store it. Cod liver oil is one good way to obtain D, another is supplements. Make sure it is D-3. I take 1000-2000 IU's per day of D-3 and really notice the difference. My sister, who lives in the South, has such a deficiency that she had to have very high doses prescribed to bring up her D.

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