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Can you help w/ suggestions for short stories to use w/ IEW unit IX ?

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Hi. Next week I am going to be teaching unit IX of IEW to two teenage boys.


Because I am having surgery in late January (with a 6 week recovery period) my plan is to teach the unit, work on it with them over the next couple of weeks then let the boys work on one literary critique per week until I have my strength back. I'd like to use short stories for this.


We will then work on a literary critique on a full length novel before moving on to another IEW unit.


I know this is a long time to work on literary critiques but there are no other choices at this point.


Can you suggest some not to be missed short stories for teen boys (who do not especially enjoy reading) that would be interesting and enjoyable?




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The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell is featured prominently in Windows to the World put out by IEW. I would recommend pre-reading it though (it involves hunting for humans, because the life of big game hunting had become to mundane). It's a very chilling story that stuck with me for quite a while.


In fact I think the Windows to the World program may be able to be done independently and is an excellent literary analysis course based completely on short stories.


I really like Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory too. Very southern. Good for character analysis.

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